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Bell Ringing for England on St. George’s Day


 ring-logoAt 11.30 on 23rd April, the bells of St. Mary’s will be rung to celebrate St. George’s Day as part of a nationwide “Ringing for England” rolling ringing challenge.  Teams of ringers from across Hertfordshire will be aiming to ring as many of the county’s bells as possible on that day and it is hoped that this will generate some positive publicity for bell ringing.

The idea is to get the 44,000 bell ringers to ring the 208,000 bells in the 12,000 churches ringing across the country on St. George’s Day, England’s Day – April 23rd.

Why?  Because that was when St. George was martyred, his death decreed by Diocletian for refusing to give up Christianity.  He was a brave young man and very worthy of being hailed a Patron Saint.

There will be people from all walks of life, all ages, even teenagers, who will be ringing out of every corner of the entire country.  They will ring from towers that might have just one bell or some that have a stupendous 13, in small parish churches, priories, abbeys, minsters, cathedrals, universities and even a castle.

Anyone can learn to ring no matter what age, so if you are interested in ringing in Redbourn, you are invited to come to St. Mary’s Church for any of our Tuesday evening practice sessions which begin at 7.45 pm.   We would really like to train some new ringers to supplement our local band, so if it is something that you have always fancied trying, now is your chance!  We have a couple of learners already and you will have plenty of encouragement and support from experienced bell ringers.

For further details, contact Liz Middleton: 


Would you like to try Spotlight?

SpotlightleafletCome and have a coffee/ tea, and join in our welcoming and friendly small groups, meeting for one to one and a half hours beginning the week of 12th January 2016 every other week.

Here are the opportunities:

  1. Tuesday morning:    Contact Grace Sawyer  01582 793743
  2. Tuesday afternoon 2.30pm: Who were the Apostles?  ordinary people doing extraordinary things. contact Doris Cheetham 01582 792669
  3. Wednesday evening 8pm:  contact Andrew & Karen Doye 01582 965371

Additionally: Thursday evening 8pm: A series of three short films set in the modern day, by Rob Bell, an exceptional modern day communicator. The films explore our world through the teachings of Jesus and help us wrestle with what matters most.

contact Lorraine Smyth 07961 251787 /

Parish Away Day and Weekend – Feb 2016

It’s important to make time for God in our busy lives and with that in mind we are offering a parish away day & weekend that will take place the last weekend in February (26th/27th/28th) 2016
The programme will focus on taking us further in our spiritual journey through some time to think, reflect and discuss what it means to be Christian. We will also have some time off to enjoy each others company and/or the area around Kings Park. (There are good walks nearby) For children we will offer some suitable activities alongside the main sessions, and of course have lots of fun (not just the children).
The Saturday is planned as a standalone day within the full agenda so you can enjoy the one day or join us for the whole weekend. Please see the leaflet for full details and a booking form. If you’re interested please contact Mike Wood.