The Friends of St Mary's

The Friends have two simple aims:  to maintain and beautify the fabric of St Mary’s Church and its churchyard.

This is not just for the benefit of those who worship at St Mary’s, but for all who live or work in the village andsee the church as an asset and a focus for the community.

The Friends raise funds in three major ways:stmarysflowsers300x200v

    • Membership subscription
    • Fundraising events
    • Ad hoc donations and bequests

The Friends Contribution to Redbourn
Our beautiful church is over eight hundred years old.  There is much to do to maintain and improve the fabric so that future generations can also enjoy St Mary’s.  The Friends were founded in 1977 as a result of the wish of many, living in or near Redbourn, to play a part in caring for the ancient building, irrespective of whether or not they worshipped there.
The Church is surveyed every five years and essential maintenance work is scheduled and prioritised.  The Friends finance a portion of this work.  They also contribute towards major restoration or improvement projects outside the scope of the five year survey.

Since 1977, the Friends have raised almost £80,000 and have made contributions to a wide range of projects.  As well as donating over £40,000 for repairs to the church roof since 1990, the Friends have contributed in recent years for repairs to the organ, to the provision of new gates, lighting and a mower for the churchyard and to the preservation of the historic rood screen inside the church.
Joining in the Social Life. The Friends organise regular fund-raising social events, which over the past 20 years have added to the varied social life of the community of Redbourn.

Becoming a Friend

In joining the Friends you will receive a regular newsletter The Friends, and advanced notice of the many events throughout the year.  Applying is simple.  Fill in the application form which is available at the back of the church and send it with your annual subscription – a minimum of £5 – to the Treasurer, whose contact details are available on the contact page.
FriendsIf you are willing to subscribe under a Deed of Covenant this will help us by allowing the Friend to recover the Income Tax you will have paid on the subscription.  If you are a tax payer for every £5 you covenant, the Friends receive £6.67.
To help us even more you can pay each year by completing a standing order form.
If you are willing to subscribe under a Deed of Covenant and/or pay by standing order, please indicate your preference on your application form.

Sharing our Heritage – becoming a Friend gives you the opportunity to play a part in the preservation of St Mary’s for the future.  Information packs are at the back of the church – join now!

Contact:  Mr Chris Little 

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