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APCM 2016

APCM2016Our Annual Meetings will be held at 8.15 pm this Wednesday. Please do come along to these most important meetings of the year at which we elect our Churchwardens and Deputy Churchwardens, we hear the reports for the past year, and elect members to represent you on the PCC.

to be held on Wednesday 27th April 2016, at 8.15 pm in the Transept Hall of St Mary’s Church

Opening Prayer

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 29th April 2015
  2. Motion: ‘That the requirement of the Churchwardens Measure 2001 that a churchwarden may serve for a maximum period of six terms of office (six years) as churchwarden of the same parish will not apply for the elections for Churchwardens at St Mary, Redbourn to be held on 27th April 2016’
  3. Election of 2 Parochial Churchwardens
  4. Election of up to 2 Deputy Wardens
  5. Chairman’s Closing Remarks

to be held on Wednesday 27th April 2016, at 8.15 pm in the Transept Hall of St Mary’s Church

1 Apologies for Absence
2 Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 29th April 2015

To receive and discuss
3 The Electoral Roll
4 A Report on the Proceedings of the Parochial Church Council
5 A Report on the Proceedings of the Deanery Synod
6 The Annual Report & Financial Statements 2015
7 A Report on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments
8 A Report of the Ministry and Witness of the Church throughout 2015
9 Election of 4 Representatives to the Parochial Church Council
10 Appointment of Sidespeople
11 Appointment of an Independent Examiner to St Mary’s Church
12 Any Other Business
13 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Meeting Documents:

These are the meeting documents, containing the agenda, minutes of last years meeting, reports and accounts.

  1. APCM Booklet April 2016
  2. St Mary’s Church Accounts 2015

Please click on the links to view.


Thy kingdom Come – A Call to prayer


Website – Thy Kingdom Come


Thy kingdom Come – A Call to Prayer in the week leading up to Pentecost 2016 (8-15 May)

It isn’t that often that I get a letter from an Archbishop!  In fact, last week, I got a letter from two!  It was an invitation sent jointly from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York encouraging us to set aside time in the week from 8 to 15 May to pray.  The letter included these words:

“We long to see a wave of prayer across our land, throughout the Church of England and many other Churches…

At the heart of our prayers will be the words that Jesus Christ himself taught us – ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.’  It is impossible to overstate the life-transforming power of the Lord’s Prayer.  It is a prayer that is reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas.  It is famous enough to be spoken each day by billions in hundreds of languages and yet intimate enough to draw us ever closer into friendship with Jesus Christ.  It is simple enough to be memorised by small children and yet profound enough to sustain a whole lifetime of prayer. When we pray it with sincerity and with joy, there is no imagining the new ways in which God can use us to his glory…”

So how will we respond and take up this invitation?

Well, in one of several ways I hope.

  1. We are producing a special booklet (available in church from 1 May) to use in your home or workplace during that week, and beyond… Do call in and pick one up – they’re free!
  1. Join us for Morning Prayer at 9.30 am or Evening Prayer at 5.00 pm in St Mary’s Church (Mon 9 – Fri 13 May) as we pray for the needs and people of our village and nation.
  1. Call into church and complete a prayer card (anonymously if you wish) if you would like someone or something prayed for during that week.
  1. Email me: with your prayer requests. (form below)
  1. Join us for a Prayer Meeting in St Mary’s from 8 – 10 pm on Thursday 12 May as we pray together for the churches here in Redbourn, for our world and for each other.

I know with great certainty that prayer must be at the heart of all we do.  I hope you will join me in praying during this week:  ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done…’


Christian Aid Week is coming…


Christian Aid Week’s house to house collection takes place each year in May (15 – 21 May 2016)  and is Christian Aid’s main fundraising event.  It is both the largest house to house collection and the largest single act of Christian witness in the UK with as many as 300,000 collectors raising around £10 million. Could you help with Redbourn’s effort in making it even more this year?

Please would you join the excellent and dedicated team of collectors in our village this year?  It need take no more than three hours of your time to collect from one road in the village.  Collectors must be over 16.  If you can help, please do get in touch with one of us. Thanks.