‘Let’s Talk About Dementia’: Tuesday 22nd May, 8.00pm

Most of us know someone who is living with dementia, whether it’s a family member, a close friend or a work colleague. We have seen how dementia changes the lives of these people and of those who care for them.

But how much do we know about dementia? What is it? What causes it? Can it be cured? As relatives, carers, or friends, what can we do to support those with dementia; and where can we find help and advice?

Come and hear a panel of experts discussing these issues and answering your questions about dementia. Entry is free.

Tuesday 22nd May, 8.00pm, St Mary’s Church Transept


Professor Keith McAdam – physician and founder of ‘Music for my Mind’

Dr Jean Monro – physician specialising in environmental medicine

Nicky Morgan – volunteer ambassador for Dementia UK

If you would like the panel to address a particular issue or would like to ask them a question, please email Stephen with your request.

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