Mary Activities in St Mary’s Churchyard

We are delighted to have some new activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy in our churchyard, which are all about Mary.

Posters in the ChurchyardOn the trees in the churchyard you will find 10 posters about Mary. They highlight some of the extraordinary events in her life.

Many of the posters will have quizzes for you to enjoy. You may need a piece of paper and pen (or a smartphone) to make a note of your answers. The answers can be found on another tree … so don’t look at that until you’ve done all the quizzes!

Finally … each of the 10 posters has an animal, insect, flower or object hidden in it – identified by a blue dot. The initial letters of all these can be made into a 10-letter word.

Statues of Mary in the ChurchyardIn the churchyard

There are 12 figures of Mary to find around the churchyard: painted stones, clay figures, cross stitch and small dolls. See if you can find all 12

Try and find the name Mary on some of the tombstones. There are 6 to find. Each one has a marker so you know you have found it!

Walk the hay bales as you go on a journey with Mary

In the church

Go into the church. You will find a container with pieces of fabric to take away and decorate. Return your artwork so we can make some bunting for our Mary Festival on 6th September

How many pictures of Mary can you find on the walls, in the windows and elsewhere?

Enjoy spending time with Mary, at St Mary’s

2 thoughts on “Mary Activities in St Mary’s Churchyard”

  1. How wonderful. Can I include this in the next redbourn community newsletter please?

    1. Yes, of course. We’d be delighted. They are resources for anyone to enjoy if they wish – people of any faith or none. Thanks for suggesting.

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