Bells For Peace

From 2nd to 11th November 2017 the bell at St Marys will toll 50 times each day at 10am. Each toll represents a prayer for the Christians in the top 50 counties in the world where it is hardest to be a Christian.

This video doesn’t exist

We are doing this in support of Open Doors UK, our charity of the year, who support the persecuted Church.

This video has been produced to help share our message. Please share. If you want to know anything more about any of the countries in the video please look at the World Watch List.

Most importantly, we would like to encourage everyone who can to join us in praying each day for the persecuted Church each day using this short prayer, perhaps focusing on one the countries which has impacted you in some way.

A prayer for the Persecuted Church

Father in Heaven, you make the sun shine

on good and bad alike.

Your Son Jesus Christ died for us all.

May he sustain all those who suffer persecution and martyrdom

for believing in him.

Especially we pray for Christians in…

Comfort those menaced by violence

and those oppressed by uncertainty.

May your Holy Spirit of love

make fruitful their witness,

both where they live and in our own hearts.


For more information or details, please e-mail Tim 



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