Open Doors UK: A Prayer for Mexico

At St Mary’s we’re supporting Open Doors UK in 2017 in their work with persecuted Christians around the world, and each month we have chosen a country from the World Watch List to focus our prayers on as a Church. Please join us this month as we pray for Christians in Mexico.

You can find out more about Open Doors UK and ways to support them here.


Heavenly Father, we being before you the people of Mexico. Despite being a nominally Christian country, current drug related violence has made it a dangerous place to follow you in Spirit and in Truth.

We pray for physical protection for persecuted believers in that country and that they may know of your provision and grace when denied access to basic social services and resources.

We especially pray that those involved in drug cartels will come to know Jesus and encourage positive change. We ask this for the sake of your Son, who died and rose to new life for us.  


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