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Holy Week: Palm Sunday to Easter Day

PALM SUNDAY – 14th April

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem to be greeted by the crowds. We gather at the Cricket Pavilion at 9.15 am to hear the story and then, carrying palms and singing hymns, we make our joyful procession to St Mary’s for our Parish Eucharist, which this year includes a dramatic reading of the Passion story led by members of the congregation.

6.30 pm – The Way of the Cross’, a powerful service with choir anthems, hymns, readings and prayers for the start of Holy Week.

MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK 15th, 16th & 17th April, 8.00pm

Each evening we gather to share the Eucharist, a lovely quiet and reflective service ‘in the round’ in the Chancel area of the church. Each night, Will offers a devotional address to help us enter more deeply into the meaning and events of the last days of Jesus’ life.


8.00 pm           THE LORD’S SUPPER with FOOT WASHING

Our evening service recalls the events of the Last Supper, the washing of feet and Jesus’ gift to us of the Eucharist. It starts with joy; but over it lies the shadow of the Cross, the Agony of Gethsemane and the torment of Good Friday. What begins as an occasion of rejoicing and thanksgiving ends on a different note in this extraordinarily powerful service. The Stripping of the Altars, the removal of all ornaments from the Sanctuary, the exit of choir, ministers and congregation in silence, all symbolise Christ’s isolation and loneliness.

Before that, however, there is the solemn procession to the Altar of Repose, symbolising the walk of Jesus and his disciples from the Upper Room out to the Garden of Gethsemane.

On arrival at the Altar of Repose the sacrament is placed on the Altar surrounded by flowers, reminding us of Gethsemane where Christ in his Sacrament waits; and we watch and pray with him in a vigil up until midnight…

9.00 pm           THE VIGIL OF GETHSEMANE until midnight, concluding with

11.50 pm         COMPLINE

GOOD FRIDAY – 19th April

10.00 am         ALL AGE SERVICE

Our All Age Service is suitable for everyone. We gather to offer our songs, prayers and readings as we remember the events of the first Good Friday and Jesus going to the Cross to die for us.

The Easter Garden – decorated by our Friday morning Teddy Tots – will be on display for the first time after the service and then we make our way to the Transept for Hot Cross buns and other refreshments.

11.30 am         WALK OF WITNESS from St John Fisher RC Church to the Common

We gather outside St John Fisher Roman Catholic Church on Dunstable Road to begin a Walk of Witness shared with Christians from all the different churches in Redbourn. At various points we stop to hear another part of the last hours of Jesus’ life, to pray and to offer a hymn as we celebrate our shared faith in Christ. All are welcome – young and old – as we walk and witness together.

1.30 pm           GOOD FRIDAY LITURGY with COMMUNION

A stark, solemn and incredibly moving service offered at St Mary’s at the very time when we recall Jesus hanging on the Cross. The service includes a reading of the Passion story, the veneration of the Cross, a powerful Litany of prayers and an opportunity to receive Christ’s body and blood in the sharing of Communion with him in his death for each and every one of us.

EASTER DAY – 21st April

6.00 am           DAWN VIGIL followed by PARISH BREAKFAST, leading into


10.00 am         ALL AGE EUCHARIST followed by Easter Egg Hunt

12 noon           HOLY COMMUNION

6.30 pm           FESTAL EVENSONG for EASTER with St Mary’s Choir

Our Easter celebrations start at dawn with the Vigil of Readings, as we hear again the story of our salvation, fill the church with the new light of Easter, finishing with a splendid cooked breakfast. Our services continue with 8.00am, 10.00am (All Age) and 12 noon celebrations and we round of the day with a splendid Choral Evensong led by our choir.


Monday 22nd April

On Easter Monday we join in the traditional Easter Pilgrimage to St Albans Abbey to join with thousands of others from around the Diocese.

We meet at 10.15 am for breakfast in the Transept, then set off at 11.00am and make the gentle walk along the River Ver to St Albans where we share a picnic lunch on the Abbey Orchard (bring your own) and then join in the joyful All Age Service at 3.00pm. Please sign up in church if you’re coming so we know how many to expect. Dogs welcome!

Lent 2019: ‘Lent with Luke’

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and is a forty day period of prayer and preparation as we ready ourselves for the joy of Easter. There are lots of different ways to approach this season but beginning well is certainly key and so I encourage all of you to come to join us for a service on Ash Wednesday itself.

Then, what comes next is up to you, but we have plenty of things to choose from. The overall theme is entitled ‘Lent with Luke’. Luke’s account of the life and teaching of Jesus is much loved and this is partly because it has a strong emphasis on inclusion for those on the margins on society, and on justice and love. This year, a year when many of the readings we hear in our services are from Luke’s Gospel, seems like a perfect opportunity to look at some of these emphases and at some stories we find only in Luke’s account.

Each talk or service does not rely on being at others, so come to what you can or whatever appeals most.


SUNDAYS at 6.30 pm                                  


On Sunday evenings we’re going to be worshipping in a reflective way exploring some of the key themes and motifs of the Lenten season by using Ray Simpson’s resource ‘Reflective Services for Lent’

10 March

17 March

24 March

Strip Off

Go Wild

Fight Falseness

31 March

7 April

14 April

Be Refreshed

Face Suffering

The Way of the Cross

MONDAYS at 12 noon                    


On Monday lunchtimes we meet in the Transept and enjoy some friendship and lunch together, sharing a simple (but very delicious) meal of homemade soup, bread and fruit. As we do this we’re going to explore together five episodes in Jesus’ life using an excellent resource called ‘Mapping Luke’. It will help us to come at some familiar stories from a rather different angle and so help us make some interesting connections with other stories in the Bible and connections with other events in Jesus’ life and ministry.

11 March

18 March

25 March

1 April

8 April






Luke 2. 22-40 – Jesus is brought to the Temple

Luke 5. 17-26 – Jesus heals a paralytic man

Luke 11. 1-13 – Jesus teaches us to pray

Luke 15. 11-32 – Jesus tells a story

Luke 24. 13-35 – Jesus has supper at Emmaus

TUESDAYS at 9.00 pm                     


On Tuesday evenings we will gather in the Church and be led in a fifteen minute reflection on the five main characters we meet in the story of The Good Samaritan and what each says to us about the nature of God’s justice. Each address will be followed by a time of quiet and then the prayerful service of Compline.

12 March

19 March

26 March

2 April

9 April

An Injured Man

A Priest

A Levite

A Samaritan

An Innkeeper

WEDNESDAYS at 7.30 pm              


During Lent we enhance our usual Wednesday Eucharist with a five minute ‘Thought for the Day’ – an inspiring reflection based on a story about some of the women we meet in the Gospel according to St Luke.

13 March

20 March

27 March

3 April

10 April

Luke 7. 11-17 – The Widow & her Son at Nain

Luke 7. 36-50 – A Sinful yet Loving Woman

Luke 10. 38-42 – Mary and Martha

Luke 13. 10-17 – The healing of a Crippled Woman

Luke 18. 1-8 – The Widow and the Judge

WEDNESDAYS at 10.00am, New Forge Place 

‘The Things He Did’

Ecumenical discussion and study group using the book ‘The Things He Did’ by the Bishop of Chelmsford which will be looking at the various things that Jesus did during the last days of his life, what we now call Holy Week. All are welcome.

13, 20 and 27 March and 3, 10, and 17 April

THURSDAYS at 8.00 pm,  St Mary’s Transept

Making Sense of the Passion’

On Thursday evenings, in a fun and interactive way, we will be exploring how we use the different senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing – to engage with the story of Christ’s Passion, the last days of his life.

14 March    Exploring the Senses

21 March    The Passion in Art

28 March    The Passion in Drama ‘To The Cross’

4 April        The Passion in Music – Stainer’s Crucifixion

11 April      The Passion in Context – The Passover

FRIDAYS at 12.15 pm, Redbourn Methodist Church

Lent Charity Lunches

On Friday lunchtimes, the Redbourn Churches will take it in turn to provide a simple lunch at the Methodist Church as we share together and socialise. Donations equivalent to the cost of your lunch are invited and these will be given away to the charities we’re supporting this Lent.

15, 22, 29 March and 5 and 12 April


Ash Wednesday: 6th March

As Lent begins, we encourage you to join us for our Ash Wednesday services:

  • 9.30 am Morning Prayer
  • 11.30 am Said Eucharist with Ashing
  • 2.30 pm Communion at St Matthew’s Care Home
  • 5.00 pm Evening Prayer
  • 8.00 pm Sung Eucharist with Ashing

Last year’s palm crosses can be placed in the basket at the south door and will be burned to make the ash for these services.