Discussion Groups with Vicar Candidates

Do you enjoy chatting, listening, and debating? Would you like to meet some of the shortlisted candidates for our new vicar?

We are in need of a wide range of participants to get involved in discussion groups which will be led by each of the four shortlisted candidates on Monday 20th February.

The discussions will be friendly and informal, and will cover a range of issues and ideas, based around a passage from the bible. There is no need for any background knowledge or theological training – if you’re good at chatting and listening, and open to sharing thoughts and ideas with others you will be more than qualified to join in!

Each discussion group will last 30 minutes, and you’re welcome to sign up to attend one or two of these, (no more than two please, or it disadvantages candidates running the later groups). These will be at 9:30am, 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:00pm in the Upper Room at church on Monday 20th February.

To sign up: please add your name to the list in church or e-mail the Churchwardens.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Groups with Vicar Candidates”

  1. What a great addition to the selection day. I’m sorry we can’t be there on the day but hope it goes well for all

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