St Mary’s raises £40,000 for Charity of the Year 2020-21

We are thrilled to announce that the total raised for our Charity of the Year project for 2020-2021, Pumps for Mpwapwa in Tanzania was just over £40,000 (that’s over 120 million Tanzanian Shillings!).  

This is enough to allow the ambitious project to install a solar-powered water pump in the village of Msagali to go ahead, and we look forward to keeping you updated with news and photographs as work on the pump begins.

The village of Msagali is home to 150 families, and this pump will provide irrigation for farmers in and around the village, with a reliable water source and much better food security and nutrition for those families as a result.

An enormous thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising over the last two years through donations and attending and helping with our events and activities including: the St Mary’s Arts Festival weekend and Eight Seasons concert, Christmas Crafts Sale, Crowdfunding campaign, classical music concerts from Quartet Camerata, sales of Will’s book ‘A Minister’s Musings’, Lockdown Live concert on Zoom, Virtual Beer & Carols 2020 and 2021 and generous individual donations. 

Look out for more updates soon on our St Mary’s Charity of the Year for 2022.

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