Lent 2022 at St Mary’s

As we start the season of Lent, we recall Jesus going into the wilderness for forty days to pray and to prepare for the ministry that lay ahead of him. 

In similar fashion, Christians over the centuries have sought to use the forty days of this holy season as a time to draw near to God through prayer, reflection and study, as we prepare for Holy Week and our annual remembering of the Suffering, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Below you will see the opportunities we have on Tuesday evenings and the devotional addresses at the Wednesday Eucharist. In addition to these, we also have a couple of elements with the additional value and richness of being shared with members of the other churches in Redbourn.  There is an ecumenical series exploring some parables hosted at St Mary’s on Thursday evenings, and Friday lunches in the Garden Room at the Methodist Church.

There are some suggestions below to help you make the most of the coming six weeks.  But they are only suggestions and you will know your own commitments and spiritual needs.  With different times and days on offer, I hope that you will be able to come along to something.


Tuesdays at 9.00 pm: Devotional Address and Compline

A fifteen minute reflection each week exploring five distinctive pictures by Dinah Roe Kendall depicting the teaching of Jesus about the Kingdom of God to be found in Matthew’s Gospel, followed by the quiet, reflective service of plainsong Compline.

8th March  –  Faithful: The Wheat and the Weeds    Mt 13. 24-30, 36-43  

15th March  – Precious: The Pearl    Mt 13. 45-46  

22nd March – Good: The Net  Mt 13. 47-50  

29th March – Forgiving: The Unmerciful Servant Mt 18. 21-35   

5th April  –  Attentive: The Wise and Foolish Virgins  Mt 25. 1-13           


Wednesdays at 7.30 pm: Holy Eucharist with Address

Our regular Wednesday Eucharist is enhanced by a short address on the first five I AM sayings found in St John’s Gospel.

9th March –  I am…The Bread of Life John 6. 35-40

16th March  – I am…The Light of the World John 8. 12-20

23rd March – I am…The Door John 10. 1-10

30th March – I am…The Good Shepherd John 10. 11-18              

6th April –  I am…The Resurrection and the Life John 11. 17-27 


Thursdays at 8.00pm: Churches Together in Redbourn

On Thursday evenings we will explore together – in an engaging and interactive way – some of Jesus’ parables. We’ll use our senses and a variety of approaches to search for the parables’ message and meaning.

Each Thursday evening session will be complete in itself, but you are encouraged to attend all of the five explorations.

10th March – The Parable of the Talents Mt 25: 14-30 also Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians Chapter 12

17 March – The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard Mt 20: 1-16

24 March – The Parable of the Sower Mt 13: 1-23

31 March – The Parable of the Shrewd Steward Luke 16: 1-13

7 April – The Parable of the Great Dinner Luke 14: 15-24

LENT CHARITY LUNCHES at Redbourn Methodist Church

Fridays at 12.30pm

Redbourn Churches will take it in turn to provide a simple lunch at the Methodist Church as we share together and socialise. Donations equivalent to the cost of your lunch are invited and these will be given to our Lent charities.

Lent Charity Lunches are on the 11, 18 and 25 March and 1 & 8 April at Redbourn Methodist Church.


Alongside the things here in Redbourn, the Church of England is offering #LiveLent 2022 church resource: Embracing Justice. This Lent we are called to reflect on the injustices of the world and ask what God is calling us to do about them.

Over forty days, we step into God’s work in the here and now – and in doing so we move from brokenness towards wholeness, remembering the cry of the Prophet Isaiah: ‘Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice?’

You can receive this electronically on your phone, computer or tablet by subscribing at: www.churchofengland.org/resources/livelent-2022-church-resources-embracing-justice

This journey through Lent is one in which we seek inner transformation in order to be people of a new world, people who reflect God’s vision that all are created equal and to see afresh the vision of God and join in making his promise of a world transformed become a reality.

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