Anonymous Art Sale: Can You Help?

As part of the Arts Festival at St Mary’s from 10th – 12th September, we will have a wall of ‘Anonymous Art’ on sale. Every A5 size work will be priced at £25 – some will be by the professional artists exhibiting at the festival, some will be by local amateurs, students, school children and anyone who wants to join in!

Could you create a piece of ‘art’ for the anonymous wall? All proceeds will go to ‘Pumps for Mpwapwa’ – building a solar-powered water pump in a small village in Tanzania.

It can be any kind of art:.

  • Painting
  • Sketch
  • Cross stitch or embroidery
  • Photograph
  • Collage
  • Mixed media
  • … or anything else you can think of!

Everyone is welcome to join in – of any age and any ability.

Our only requests are:

  1. It is A5 size
  2. Please don’t sign your artwork on the front! It must be anonymous to customers browsing to buy.
  3. Please do put your name on the back of your work – whoever buys your piece can then find out who it is by.

There will be a postbox inside church for you to safely deposit your artwork.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 31st August.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested in joining in with this fun project for an excellent cause.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous Art Sale: Can You Help?”

  1. Hi I would be delighted to submit some work, could you give me some information on how you would like it presented, dose it need a mount or frame? Regards Pauline Edwards

    1. Many thanks Pauline, that’s great. No need to be framed or mounted – the Anonymous Artworks will be presented for sale in a cellophane bag with a backing board (so that no one can see the names on the back!). Thanks.

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