St Mary’s Annual Meetings (APCM): Sunday 25th April

Our Annual Church Meetings will now take place at 10.45 am on Sunday 25th April – in the churchyard if fine and in the church if the weather is not so good. If you attend the 8 am service please do come back and join us for these short but important meetings which we estimate will last under an hour in total.

The meetings will begin with the Friends of St Mary’s Church AGM at 10.45am, followed by the APCM at 11.00am.

If you attend the 9.30 am service, please join in as usual with that and then factor in staying on afterwards for the meeting. And, finally, if it is wet, the 8 am service will be unaffected (hardy lot!) the 9.30 am service will be online only but do come down to the church afterwards for the meeting in church at 10.45 am and feel free to bring some coffee or tea with you.

It is really important that we have a good attendance as we elect our Churchwardens and Deputy Churchwardens, we hear the reports for the past year, and elect five members to represent you on the Parochial Church Council.

Copies of the annual reports booklet and accounts are available to download at the top of this page.  There are also a limited number of both the booklets printed off and available to pick up from inside the church between now and 25 April.


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