‘A MINISTER’S MUSINGS’: A book by the Vicar

A MINISTER’S MUSINGS – Thoughts and Reflections from Lockdown is a short book Will has published, bringing together his weekly ‘Thoughts for the Week’ broadcast as part of the Redbourn Community Call that has been going on through much of the year.

Copies are £10.00 and are on sale now in church, with all the proceeds for the CFC, as we raise money for our ‘Pumps for Mpwapwa’ Appeal.


Order a book Online

It is now possible to order a copy of the book online, to be posted to you.

To do this, please make an online payment first, and then complete the order form below.

Step 1: Make an Online Payment

Please make a donation of a minimum of £10 (there is no extra charge for postage and packing). Click here to go to the online donation page.

Step 2: Complete the Order Form below

Please make sure you complete this form too – so we know where to post your book to.

3 thoughts on “‘A MINISTER’S MUSINGS’: A book by the Vicar”

  1. Well done Will. I’d love a copy if poss. If I pop £10 and some stamps in the post, could it be posted to me please?Thank you and best wishesWendy

    1. Of course, Wendy. No problem. I’m not sure it’s quite up to your standard of writing but I hope you enjoy it anyway. W

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