Forest Tots Trail in the Churchyard

FOREST TOTS…. (or anyone else!)

🌳  As we are unable to meet together during November we have created a Forest Tots Trail around our trees. We hope you enjoy walking the trail and do bring older children with you. The trail will change every week.

🎨  It would be lovely if you could bring a painted stone with you to lay down at the Welcome Tree, and some chalk so the children can write/draw on the chalk boards at the Thank You Tree.

📚 Move on to the Sorry Tree where you will find a story to read and talk about; then on to the Worry Tree for a prayer. At the Praising Tree you will find an activity sheet to take away.

🌲 Just in front of this we have a new special Tree called the Remembering Tree. See if you can find it! There is a wreath there where you can add a poppy.

🍂  Of course the children can also bring their bags for collecting leaves to make pictures. Share them on our WhatsApp group, together with any ideas you may have.

So don’t forget:

  • painted stone
  • chalk
  • poppy

Stay safe and see you all soon.

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