Volunteers Needed: Visiting People with Dementia

This year St Mary’s charity is Dementia UK and, in addition to raising money, we also want to provide practical support for those living with dementia.

Please consider joining our team of volunteers who will be visiting St Matthew’s Care Home to chat with residents suffering from dementia.   Just an hour or two of your time each week would enrich the lives of these residents, many of whom have no regular contact with friends or family.

Because we’ll work as a team there will be cover for weeks when you aren’t able to visit the Home. Advice and mentoring will be provided by the Care Home and you’ll be able to share ideas with other team members. You are even encouraged to bring your dog or a child – guaranteed to delight the residents!

If you think you might be able to help, please contact Stephen Boffey  for further information, without any obligation.

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