Would you like to try Spotlight?

SpotlightleafletCome and have a coffee/ tea, and join in our welcoming and friendly small groups, meeting for one to one and a half hours beginning the week of 12th January 2016 every other week.

Here are the opportunities:

  1. Tuesday morning:    Contact Grace Sawyer  01582 793743
  2. Tuesday afternoon 2.30pm: Who were the Apostles?  ordinary people doing extraordinary things. contact Doris Cheetham 01582 792669
  3. Wednesday evening 8pm:  contact Andrew & Karen Doye 01582 965371

Additionally: Thursday evening 8pm: A series of three short films set in the modern day, by Rob Bell, an exceptional modern day communicator. The films explore our world through the teachings of Jesus and help us wrestle with what matters most.

contact Lorraine Smyth 07961 251787 /  lozzasmyth@yahoo.co.uk

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