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Maundy Thursday Liturgy: Thursday 13th April, 8.00pm

Our evening service recalls the events of the Last Supper, the washing of feet and Jesus’ gift to us of the Eucharist. It starts with joy; but over it lies the shadow of the Cross, the Agony of Gethsemane and the torment of Good Friday. What begins as an occasion of rejoicing and thanksgiving ends on a different note in this extraordinarily powerful service. The Stripping of the Altars, the removal of all ornaments from the Sanctuary, the exit of choir, ministers and congregation in silence, all symbolise Christ’s isolation and loneliness.

Before that, however, there is the solemn procession to the Altar of Repose, symbolising the walk of Jesus and his disciples from the Upper Room out to the Garden of Gethsemane.

On arrival at the Altar of Repose the sacrament is placed on the Altar surrounded by flowers, reminding us of Gethsemane where Christ in his Sacrament waits; and we watch and pray with him in a vigil up until midnight…

Lent Programme 2017: ‘Faith in Action’

Click to download the full Lent 2017 programme
Click to download the full Lent 2017 programme

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and is a forty day period of prayer and preparation as we ready ourselves for the joy of Easter. There are lots of different ways to approach this season but beginning well is certainly key and so I encourage all of you to come to join us for a service on Ash Wednesday itself:


9.30 am          Morning Prayer

11.30 am        Said Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

2.30 pm          Holy Communion at St Matthew’s Care Home

5.00 pm          Evening Prayer

8.00 pm          Sung Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

Then, what comes next is up to you, but we have plenty of choice on offer. The overall theme is entitled ‘Faith in Action’ as we reflect on the example of Jesus in his own life and ministry – what he did and said -and how we can emulate that as we seek to live out and share our faith in God:

SUNDAYS at 6.30 pm               GIVING UP 

One of the ways that many people keep Lent is by giving something up. It might be chocolate, or alcohol or sugar in your coffee. It isn’t a bad way of making us concentrate in Lent on what it is really all about. But what if we gave up some of those things that harm our relationship with God and diminish God’s purpose for us? What if we gave up some of our own priorities and started focusing on what God really offers. Each Sunday evening service will include a 10 minute address to help us think about these things.

5 March

12 March

19 March

26 March

2 April

9 April

16 April

Choral Evensong

Evening Service

Contemporary Service

Evening Service

Evening Service

The Way of the Cross

Festal Evensong

‘Giving up…Control’

‘Giving up…Expectations’

‘Giving up…Superiority’

‘Giving up…Enemies’

‘Giving up…Our Lives’

‘Giving up…Popularity’

‘Giving up…Death’

MONDAYS at 12 noon              LIVING GOD’S LOVE

On Monday lunchtimes we meet in the Transept to enjoy some fellowship and lunch together, sharing a simple meal of soup, bread and fruit as we talk and encourage each other in faith. The Diocesan Initiative ‘Living God’s Love’ was launched in 2011 and holds together all that we seek to do in our churches, chaplaincies and schools to grow in faith and number, shaped by Jesus Christ. On these Mondays we’ll be exploring together how we can live out God’s love in our lives more fully, collectively and individually.

6 March

13 March

20 March

27 March

3 April

To live your life…





with Generosity

with Joy

with Imagination

with Courage

for the sake of the World


On Tuesday evenings we gather in the Church and to hear a fifteen minute reflection on aspects of the Crucifixion, the ultimate moment of ‘Faith in Action’. This is then followed by a short Compline service.

7 March

14 March

21 March

28 March

4 April

A Question of Story

A Question of Trust

A Question of Purpose

A Question of Love

A Question of Our Story

God’s Story, God’s People, God’s World

The Awesome Trust of Jesus

What does it all mean? Why did it happen?

A Love that gives Everything

Not so much a question as a response


All year round we offer this simple Eucharist as a quiet counterpoint to the busyness of our Sunday services. During Lent we enhance it with a five or six minute ‘Thought for the Day’ – an inspiring reflection based on Matthew Chapter 20 where Jesus teaches on what it means to be a true disciple.

8 March

15 March

22 March

29 March

5 April

Matthew 20. 1-16

Matthew 20. 17-19

Matthew 20. 20-23

Matthew 20. 24-28

Matthew 20. 29-34

True Generosity

True Purpose

True Greatness

True Service

True Vision


Wednesdays   10.00 am  – New Forge Place

Seven sessions of discussion, fellowship and refreshment for all in our community. This year we follow the book ‘The Nail’ by the Stephen Cottrell. In our sessions we consider the Passion Story through the eyes of some of the by-standers and witnesses.

1st March    Peter                                               The Revd Will Gibbs

8th March   The Roman Centurion             The Revd Tim Vickers

15th March  Pontius Pilate                             Grace Sawyer

22nd March Caiaphas                                      The Revd Tim Vickers

29th March  Judas                                              Father Michael Mannion

5th April   Mary Magdalene                            The Revd Gill Hulme

12th April    Pilate’s Wife                                  The Revd Will Gibbs


Thursdays             8.00 pm                        St Mary’s Church

Our visiting speakers offer inspiring talk to help us to reflect on the ways that the Christian ideas of service and care can be offered to the vulnerable and needy in society.

9th March   ‘A stranger and welcome you’            Malcolm Ernst, Waterways Chaplain

16th March  ‘In need and take care of you’           Janis Feely – ‘The Living Room’, Alcohol & Drug Dependency Support

23rd March ‘Crosslights’ Passion Play                  The Riding Lights Theatre Company.   Tickets £10 in advance                     7.30 pm at Redbourn Village Hall

30th March  ‘Held captive and visit you’              Reona Joly, Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre

6th April              ‘In debt and support you’            Rachel Martin, Christians Against Poverty


Fridays          12.00 pm                      Redbourn Methodist Church

On Friday lunchtimes, the Redbourn Churches will take it in turn to provide a simple lunch at the Methodist Church as we share together and socialise. Donations equivalent to the cost of your lunch are invited and these will be given away to the charities we’re supporting this Lent.

Click here to download a printable leaflet with full details of our Lent programme.

Yours in Christ,