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Will’s A-Z Hitchhiking Challenge




In further confirmation of a midlife crisis, Will is setting off on an extraordinary A to Z Challenge.  Setting out from St Mary’s at 9am on Friday 12 July he will attempt to hitchhike around the country visiting 26 places each starting with the next letter of the alphabet.

With just a toothbrush and £10 in his back pocket, he will set off without a fixed plan or itinerary and relying on the kindness of strangers and just see where this adventure takes him.  Will he end up in Zeebrugge or at the zoo?  Only time will tell but it will be a big challenge and a lot of fun.

And more importantly he will be aiming to raise lots of money for Youth Talk in St Albans which is the St Mary’s Charity of the Year for 2019.

Youth Talk provides confidential counselling and support for local 13 to 25 year olds facing anxiety, grief, low confidence and other issues, and it’s a great cause to get behind at a time when being a teenager is increasingly complex and challenging.

Will is encouraging people to sponsor him in one of two ways.  You can either sponsor him per place he gets to (hopefully all 26) or per mile he covers over the course of the weekend.  You can sponsor him online via the link below, or there are sponsor forms in church as well.



And just for a bit of fun, we’re inviting people to guess how long the challenge will take.  He’s aiming to get back, having covered all 26 places, by the end of Sunday 14 July.  Will he manage all 26 places?  Can he do it in a day?  Two days?  There’ll be a prize for the person who has the closest guess to the time he actually gets back to the church door.

You can follow his progress along the way:

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Can you help us choose our Charity of the Year for 2020?

Every year St Mary’s Church supports a ‘Charity of the Year’ – through fundraising, (for the last 4 years we have raised over £10,000 per year for our chosen charities), as well as practical support and volunteering, prayer and raising awareness of each cause amongst the church and local community.

We are now looking for an international charity to support in 2020 and would love to hear your suggestions.

We follow a three-year cycle of supporting an international, then national then local charity.  In 2016 our local charity was Riding for the Disabled at Gaddesden Place, in 2017 we supported Open Doors and their work in the Middle East, in 2018 the national charity Dementia UK and in 2019 the local charity YouthTalk St Albans, so we are looking for an international charity to support in 2020 – ie. their work must be overseas, though they can be a UK registered charity.

If you would like to suggest a charity to add to the list for consideration please send us an e-mail with a brief description of what they do.  The final decision will be made by the Charities committee at their next meeting, so please send us suggestions no later than 23rd June.