Supporting St Mary’s with Regular Giving

Today we are launching a new way to give regularly to the life and work of St Mary’s. As we are entirely self-supporting, regular giving from our community and supporters is the primary way by which St Mary’s can provide for itself.

The Parish Giving Scheme is a new mechanism for regular giving, which we encourage you to use. Whether you already give, or are giving for the first time, you can join this scheme:

  • Online at
  • By phone on 0333 002 1271
  • By post Please collect a giving pack from the back of church

Simply quote our parish code 320632250.

Anyone who is currently giving by standing order is strongly encouraged to make this change, although it is not mandatory – you may continue to pay by standing order if you wish.

The benefits of giving in this way, rather than by standing order, include:

  • For the donor: easy and flexible, allowing you to adjust your giving at any time. Option to increase gift annually in line with inflation, if you wish.
  • For St Mary’s: significantly reduced administration for our Treasurer and Stewardship Team.

The following leaflet explains more about regular giving and the Parish Giving Scheme:

One thought on “Supporting St Mary’s with Regular Giving”

  1. I am unable to pay in this way using my Charity Aid Foundation Account as there is no sort code for this type of account. I cannot submit my payment details without a sort code.

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