Forest Tots Wooden Spoon Village

Wooden Spoon Village in the Churchyard

Our Forest Tots are keeping busy this week creating a wooden spoon village in the Churchyard – look out for it sheltered underneath the Thank You Tree.

As always, this isn’t just for Forest Tots – everyone is very welcome to join in, so if you want to create your own wooden spoon person to join our village we would love to welcome them to the gang! If you don’t have a spare wooden spoon to use, you can pick one up for 50p from most supermarkets (or add one to your online shop!).

Our focus for this week is the following page from The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.

If you haven’t yet seen the wire sculptures in the churchyard or added a few sticks to our Happy Houses, do pop down – they are well worth a visit. More information here

One thought on “Wooden Spoon Village in the Churchyard”

  1. Your churchyard, trees and tots areas are helping me so much during these times. Thank you🙏

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