Remembrance Sunday 2020

Due to current lockdown restrictions, all of our Remembrance Sunday services are to be held online.

As the annual Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial cannot go ahead, Redbourn Parish Council are asking all households to put a picture of a poppy in their front window as a mark of respect and remembrance.


Click on the image to watch the service

10.45am ACT OF REMEMBRANCE from the War Memorial

Our Annual Act of Remembrance cannot now take place in person at the War Memorial on South Common today but the service was recorded earlier in the week before lockdown began.

Click on the image to watch the service


A special online evening service marking the theme of Remembrance, planned and led by David Forbes, one of our lay leaders of worship.

David will be reading aloud the names, all 88 of them, of men and women from the village who gave their lives as a result of the two world wars. He will also be looking at all the enslaved, marginalised and displaced peoples throughout the world in the past up to the present day.

Click on the image to watch the service

We hope that you will join us as we remember the fallen and give thanks for the sacrifices made by so many for our liberty.

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