Labyrinth at St Mary’s

We now have a labyrinth in the churchyard for you to visit and explore and pray with. This has been cut into the grass between the church drive and the Vicarage fence (in the shape of the Alban cross) so do come have a look and give it a try. As the days go by and the grass grows some more it will get even clearer but it is ready to use now.

So, what is a labyrinth? Labyrinths are familiar features in all cultures. Unlike a maze which often leads to a dead end, a labyrinth is a continuous path representing a spiritual journey. Although there are many twists and turns, and at times we may be uncertain where the path will take us next, we are never lost.

The Labyrinth affirms the gentle guiding hand of God, who is leading us ever onward. Quietly walking the Labyrinth can be a way of trying to resolve a problem, seeking guidance, grieving a loss, releasing a fear or just to be with God. The simple act of following a pattern engages body, mind and soul in a deep way.

You are invited to walk the Labyrinth as a time of reflection, or just for fun! It has been made so that the central circle is 2 metres across, so 2 people can walk within the Labyrinth whilst maintaining social distancing.

Our thanks to Jan and Jan Nelder and Kay for organising this.

One thought on “Labyrinth at St Mary’s”

  1. Such a beautiful thing for others to be inspired whichever way the need. Bless you 🙏

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