St Mary’s Away Weekend at Chellington

In the last weekend of June, 14 adults and 11 children spent the weekend at the Chellington Centre in North Bedfordshire. It was located in a beautiful part of the Bedfordshire countryside, overlooking the River Ouse.

The weekend included some families staying over (sleeping in bunks in the converted church, with a few camping in tents) and some visiting for the day. Blessed with wonderful weather, time to spend with each other, great food (and drink!), a fire pit, BBQ, table tennis and table football, and so much more, it was a wonderful way to spend a summer weekend.

Here is what some of those who came have to say about it

“For me this weekend gave the opportunity for all of us to share and see the beauty of God’s Earth. The location and weather all helped but it was the coming together of old and young enjoying, companionship and spirituality in a relaxed way. My abiding memory was observing parents, adults and children of all ages all working together to create their ideas of God’s Wonderful world in paint and craft, all chattering away and engrossed in putting their ideas down. We had such diverse ideas about what creation meant.”

“Doing the nature art was really fun because we could use all the things we collected by the lake.  And my favourite bit was toasting marshmallows on the fire when it was really dark.  If we want to look after the planet we have to collect everyone’s litter.”

“What I liked about our time at Chellington was the opportunity of a different way of being together.”

“I loved the relaxed and interactive nature of Saturday; the focus on God’s creation in the park and then the opportunity to create something in groups around what we had seen, heard, collected, stimulated conversations and fun. This mixed well with the times we ate together, and worshipped and thought about how we can help safeguard God’s beautiful world – at home, in our places of work, education, church – reducing the use of plastic, composting, recycling.”

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