Baby Remembrance Service: Sunday 19th May, 4.00pm

When your baby dies it seems like the world should suddenly stop turning; yet the sun still shines, and people go about their business oblivious to the earthquake which has just turned your life upside down.

Losing a baby is the loneliest of griefs. Friends are posting pictures of their new offspring on social media; first time grandparents have congratulations heaped upon them; you can’t walk across the common without seeing prams and pushchairs. You see a parent with a screaming toddler and you long to change places with them. You are reminded at all times that you are a parent without a parenting role.

Where do you go to express your grief, to have your pain acknowledged, accepted and understood? How can you remember the child you knew so briefly?

The Baby Remembrance Service at St Mary’s on 19th May at 4pm is an opportunity to do just that.

Everyone who has experienced the loss of a baby at any time, including termination, miscarriage and stillbirth, is welcome.

During the service we will be lighting a candle for each child remembered. Whether the loss is recent and raw, or a dull ache from many years ago, come and share with others who understand.

Hope to see you there.

Kay Vernon

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