St Mary’s has a thriving and inclusive fellowship of some 300 members from all ages and backgrounds with a lively programme of events and groups. We hope that we will have the chance to welcome you in person to our church before too long.



I don’t entirely know where the name ‘Spotlight’ came from, but it’s a good one. Spotlight is a movement, an enterprise within the parish, which allows us to invite a little light to shine upon our selves, our faith, our … Continue reading



St Mary’s Church invite all children in the village (from those going into Reception Class in September up to those finishing Year 6) to their special Holiday Club exploring God’s amazing creation:  Lots of crafts, games, activities, fun and food! … Continue reading

Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

Ask any parent and they will tell you the same thing; the arrival of a child changes everything. Tidy adult homes are transformed by pieces of equipment we never previously knew existed.  Night time and day time become indistinguishable as … Continue reading

Bears and Prayers

Bears and Prayers

“It’s Church, Jim, but not as we know it!” Bears and Prayers is a special sort of church service. Some if it you will recognise: songs, a bible story and prayers. But some of it is a little more unusual: squeezing … Continue reading

Building for Growth

St Marys

In recent years, our church family has grown and is continuing to grow, particularly in the numbers of young people. Quite apart from the challenge this growth has put on space in the church itself, particularly at major festivals, it has also … Continue reading

New fund raising plan for Charity

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St Mary’s Church Charity Fundraising Committee has announced a new plan to raise £7,500 for a charity in 2014. After raising nearly £47,000 over the last few years for five local, national and international charities, St Mary’s fundraising will now … Continue reading