Children’s Groups

At the 9.30 service we have a number of groups for Children:

  • Baby Church – for those babies who need a break from the main service.
  • Mini Church – for those two to four
  • Junior Church – reception to year four.
  • PALs – year five to year ten.
  • Gospellers is for any in year 6 and above, and usually meets on Sunday afternoons or evenings.


Baby Church. Babies are very welcome in church but from time to time they may need to stretch their legs or vocal chords. The vestry will be setup for parents/carers to use with our under twos who need some space. Toys will be available in the cupboard, please feel free to use these. Please also feel free to rejoin the service when you and your child are ready.

Mini Church. This group is for our young worshipers who are between two and four.  Children coming to mini church must be able to sit and listen to a short story. (Parents please use your judgement about this.) The Story will be followed by simple activity and then some playtime. Mini Church will be held in the old church office which is just along from the toilets. Mini Church will be lead by Claire Gibbs and each session will have two leaders and one teenager helper. The children will leave the main service after the collect when the rest of the children leave, following the lit candle and taking the puppet Jo. (above)

Junior Church is for Children from reception to year four. It follows the lectionary and has two leaders each session. The children do a wide range of activities that follow what the adults do in the main service. This means you can all have a good discussion about the same theme over lunch. Junior Church meets in the transept when the lighted candle leads the children out.

PALs is for children in year 5 to the end of year 10. Again it has a varied programme of activities and meets in the choir vestry.

Gospellers is for any in year 6 and above. It meets outside of the 9.30 service, on the first Sunday evening of the month at 7.30 -9.00pm in the transept, or other venue. It also meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4pm at church where they take part i followed by some practical activity until 6pm. Gospellers is where our Young People have chance to share their faith and question what they believe. Activities range widely so do get in touch!

Bears and Prayers meets on Friday mornings for young children and their carers.

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