St Mary’s Church Electoral Roll

The church Electoral Roll is the current, active list of adult members in St Mary’s (and not to be confused with the civic electoral roll used for voting in local and general elections, which is a different thing altogether).

Each year we hold our annual church meetings towards the end of April and the members on the church electoral roll are the electorate for these meetings.

You need to be on the roll to vote in the meetings and to stand for election. This year the period of revision begins on 4 March and ends on 3 April

If you’re already on the Electoral Roll you don’t need to do anything (other than let us know if your contact details have changed in the last 12 months) but if you’re not on the electoral roll, you have been baptised, are 16 or over and worship with us, then you can join the Electoral Roll.

Please print and fill out the form below and send it in by 3 April at the latest.

Thank you.

Electoral Roll Enrolment Form: St Mary’s Church Redbourn

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