Children’s Resources for This Week

Here are this week’s children’s activities and resources which are linked to the readings in our Sunday service.

Download and print the activity sheet often used in our Junior Church and PALs sessions.Here’s a colouring sheet to print which is linked to this week’s Gospel reading. Our Mini Church group might enjoy this.

Craft Project: Name in lights Create a glorifying piece of art

You will need: pictures of ‘names’ in lights (see examples below), card, coloured pens or pencils, stick-on decorations.

Examples: Billy ElliotWar HorseStrictly Come DancingLenny Henry

  • Have a look at some pictures of people’s names in lights – theatre boards or posters. Talk about how there are some describing words or ways of ‘lifting up’ the person or advertisement being promoted.
  • Explain that they are going to create a ‘name in lights’ poster for Jesus. Ask them to make some suggestions for describing words about Jesus.
  • Let the children create posters that look like Jesus’ name in lights outside a theatre.

Or you can browse the Roots website for this week with more ideas, discussion topics and reflections on the Gospel reading for older children, and to find some music to listen to together.

Talk together with children

  • What does it mean to glorify someone or give them glory?
  • How do you think you could give Jesus glory in your life?
  • How does God demonstrate his glory in the world today?

Talk together with young people

  • How do you think you would respond if you were hearing Jesus pray this prayer?
  • What would you expect Jesus to pray about?
  • What do you think it means for Jesus to be glorified?

Leave us a comment below to let us know what you’ve enjoyed this week, or show us a picture on social media of your colouring or craft project!

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