Christingle: Sunday 8th December, 4.00pm

Come and join us for this ever popular and enjoyable service for people of all ages at this time of year. The ‘Christingle’, is a lighted candle mounted in an orange. These are given out in the service in exchange for donations made in envelopes or “purses” for the work of The Children’s Society.  The Christingles are then lit, reminding us that Jesus is the light of the world and shines in the darkest parts of our world.

Donations raised at our Christingle year after year enable The Children’s Society to work with thousands of children in this country who face life’s harshest challenges – children who may find themselves sleeping rough this winter; fleeing conflict and war; caught in a cycle of crime; or marginalised due to a disability.

We are delighted to welcome children from our schools and uniformed groups in Redbourn to raise money for these needy children. Last year we raised over £600. With your support we could raise even more – do join us if you can.

Here’s a tutorial from The Children’s Society on how to make a Christingle:

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