Christian Aid Week: 12th-18th May 2019

The church founded Christian Aid Week to fight for equality, dignity and freedom for all. By holding a church collection this year, we are supporting some of our most vulnerable sisters and brothers – like the communities in Sierra Leone that we’re focussing on this Christian Aid Week.

Jebbeh Konneh
Jebbeh Konneh Photo credit: Christian Aid/Tom Pilston

A lack of healthcare means Sierra Leone is the world’s most dangerous place to become a mum. One such mum is Jebbeh. As her baby grows, it’s not joy that fills her heart but fear. When her sister Fatmata went into labour, she set out on foot to hospital. The road was long and she struggled to keep walking under the baking sun. She never made it. Jebbeh told us: ‘My sister was crying out with hunger. She died on the side of the road. She never gave birth.’ Tragically, 10 women will die today from giving birth there.

As her due date looms closer, Jebbeh fears she could be next. ‘I pray, when that day comes, God will help me to deliver safely, so that I can have a bouncing baby and I’ll be healthy,’ she says. Together we can fight for a just, equal world for people like Jebbeh. This Christian Aid Week, you can help to change the lives of women in Sierra Leone enjoy the ability to give birth without risking their lives, something we take for granted here with the NHS.

There are a number of ways you can get involved.

As usual, we will be organising house to house collecting with our friends from ‘Churches Together in Redbourn’. Last year we collected from 38 streets and raised a total of just under £2700. We would love to be able to increase this total, by offering more people the chance to contribute if they wish. So if you could volunteer to help out, please speak to Tim.

However, I appreciate that not everyone likes collecting. So for this reason we are encouraging everyone to think of ways to raise money in other ways. Last year we hosted a coffee morning at the Curate’s house and raised over £100. Perhaps you could host a fundraising dinner? A coffee morning? A plant sale? We can provide resources for these events and if you want some help and support please get in touch. We are also looking for teams to help with counting after the money has been collected, so if you are able to help with this, please let me know.


For more details e-mail  Revd Tim Vickers

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