Christingle: Sunday 9th December, 4.00pm

Now in its 50th year, Christingle is a special, memorable celebration that takes place in thousands of churches and schools across the country.

The celebration is named after the Christingles that are lit during the service. Christingles are made from an orange decorated with red tape, sweets and a candle. With your help, Christingle raises vital funds for The Children’s Society to help children who are facing Christmas alone and are unable to cope.

Each element of a Christingle has a special meaning and helps to tell the Christian story.

For 50 years, the money raised from Christingle collections have helped The Childrens’ Society to support more than a million children and young people.

A further million are living with a range of serious issues in their lives, including violence, abuse, neglect and poverty. Many feel alone and have no one to turn to this Christmas. Can we help the Children’s Society support these vulnerable young people and work to ensure that they have their first Christmas full of hope and free from fear?

Here’s a tutorial from The Children’s Society on how to make a Christingle:

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